The Referee in Action

The Referee: Rules for Fair Fighting in Marriage

Susan and Rick's marriage was in trouble. They were fighting all the time: "You're wasting our money on trinkets!" he would shout. "What about you, Mr. Showboat, buying drinks for all your friends?" "That was last year! I'm talking about yesterday." "So what? All you're worried about is money when you ought to worry about what kind of father you're being to our kids!" And on it would go until he would threaten to move out and she became frantic. Their marriage counselor intervened, teaching them rules for carrying on an argument: to use "I" statements ...

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The Referee: The Non-Offensive Country

Switzerland is a nation that protects itself with nonoffensive defense. Centuries ago, it adopted a policy of armed neutrality, actively signaling its intention of threatening no one. Today, its armed forces have no nuclear weapons, no long-range aircraft, no heavy bombers, and no tanks capable of advancing deep into enemy territory. Its weapons consist instead of antiaircraft systems, antitank weapons, antitank traps, short-range aircraft, helicopters, and light vehicles suitable for mountain defense. Switzerland relies heavily on its own people. Teachers, bankers, ...

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