Case Studies of the Third Side in Action

A number of case studies have been developed to exhibit:

  • how the Third Side gets mobilized and becomes active; and
  • what the most significant barriers to the Third Side’s emergence are and why these have proven so difficult to overcome.

These case studies are excellent resources for teachers, study groups, or others interested in the Third Side in actual conflict situations.

  • Book: International Mediation in Venezuela
    By Jennifer McCoy and Francisco Diez
  • The Role of Third Side in Peace Talk: Toward Effective Means of Dispute Resolution
    By Chang In Shin, Ph.D.
    Download case study (PDF)
  • “Whose Land Is It Anyway?” The Third Side’s Response to Indian Land Claim Conflicts in Upstate New York
    By Brian Blancke and Bianca Wulff
    Download case study (PDF)
  • TB in Peru: How the Third Side Mobilized a Global Response to a Burgeoning Health Crisis
    By Rebecca J. Wolfe
    Download case study (PDF)

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