The Referee: The Non-Offensive Country

Switzerland is a nation that protects itself with nonoffensive defense. Centuries ago, it adopted a policy of armed neutrality, actively signaling its intention of threatening no one. Today, its armed forces have no nuclear weapons, no long-range aircraft, no heavy bombers, and no tanks capable of advancing deep into enemy territory.

Its weapons consist instead of antiaircraft systems, antitank weapons, antitank traps, short-range aircraft, helicopters, and light vehicles suitable for mountain defense.

Switzerland relies heavily on its own people. Teachers, bankers, and others disappear for weeks for their yearly military training. Eighty percent of the active male population, a force of some six hundred and fifty thousand, can be mustered within forty-eight hours. Other citizens are trained to maintain essential economic activities, provide medical services to the wounded, and offer nonviolent resistance to the invaders.

The entire community is thus mobilized to provide defense without offense.

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