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As the old African proverb goes, “When spider webs unite, they can halt even a lion.”

No more critical challenge faces each of us, and all of us together, than how to live together in a world of differences. So much depends on our ability to handle our conflicts peacefully – our happiness at home, our performance at work, the livability of our communities, and, in this age of mass destruction, the survival of our species.

The Third Side offers a promising new way to look at the conflicts around us. The Third Side is the community – us – in action protecting our most precious interests in safety and well-being. It suggests ten practical roles any of us can play on a daily basis to stop destructive fighting in our families, at work, in our schools, and in the world. Each of our individual actions is like a single spider web, fragile perhaps but, when united with others, capable of halting the lion of war. Although the Third Side is in its infancy in our modern-day societies, it has been used effectively by simpler cultures for millennia to reduce violence and promote dialogue.

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The elves are like Third Siders. ...the world thrummed along – with humanity creating technologies, building civilizations, obliterating them, killing each other, helping each other. But as Third Siders, we're sure you’re more interested in the last category of activity in which humanity partakes. While we were sleeping it was Third Siders all over the world who were active, reaching across enemy lines and building relationships; teaching fourth graders how to create world peace through a game; rapping for justice; serving as clarion calls in our dangerously corrupt societies, all the while, unbeknownst to themselves, creating Third Side literature that we could voraciously consume. READ THE REST >>
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